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I have been using the Turbo I for about 4 years now on solo bicycle trips.  This stove is about as light as you can get.  Initially my motto was, "you can have anything you want for diner as long as it can be made with boiling water".  This about sums up the smaller stove.  It is great for making drinks and preparing foods that either need boiling water added to hydrate them, or are cooked in boiling water such as pasta, vegetables, etc.  With that said I am trying to expand my list of recipes that I can use on the stove.  (I will be adding a page on my web site discussing off the shelf foods that you can use with this stove.)  As you can see in the photos I even tried cooking an artichoke with the stove.  This did require refilling the stove a couple of times, and I had to cut the top off the artichoke to fit it in the pot, but it worked.  

These stoves do not function quite like what you are used to with butane and white gas stoves.  The flame is completely silent and almost invisible in daylight.  (careful holding your hand over it to check to see if it is burning...he says with pained expression on his face)  The silence while cooking is quite refrehsing compared to the rocket noise of the typical camp stove.  The flame adjustment is not instant.  To reduce the flame the vent holes around the stove are closed with the slide ring.  As the stove cools the flame starts to reduce.  This takes from about 1-3 minutes to happen, which requires a little planning as you cook.  Now that I am used to this, I can control the flame pretty well.  

I have attached some links to reviews of this stove below.

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